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We are an Australian IT Services firm specialising in the design, build and support of IT and UC Telephony. Cloud Stratagem performs the development, consulting and delivery of customised technology solutions.

Our primary capabilities are:

  • Cloud Solutions
  • IT Services
  • Unified Communication
  • IP Telephony




Providing small and medium businesses with IT support, Cloud Stratagem in Melbourne makes sure that your systems are well administered. We conduct remote system administration, SMB IT maintenance and managed IT services throughout Melbourne, so you do not need for us to come on site.



We do a site review to assess whether a move to the Cloud will benefit you. As we are just as comfortable working on site as in the Cloud, we will never suggest you commit to change for the sake of change alone.



Service is the key to our quality of IT support for each small to medium-sized business with whom we work. You can expect the best of our SMB and managed IT services and expert team at each stage of the process. Our well-defined, internal processes provide an excellent level of small business and SMB IT support for companies of all sizes throughout Melbourne.



Enabling you to access unified communications that are cost-effective and reliable, Cloud Stratagem can help you initiate an IP telephony service into your work operations. We will assess the best approach towards installing VoIP technology into your business, and keep you informed on the processes involved in maintaining it.



We know about the common fear of data not being private and secure in the Cloud. We understand that concern, and guarantee that we take out every precaution to ensure your information is kept confidential and accessible only to you. Let us show you how to protect your data and its privacy in the Cloud. through our managed IT services and SMB support in Melbourne.



Many small businesses and large corporates do not realise how the design of a network can make an enormous difference in how how fast your daily computing functions run. Let us design your network to save time and money.


Cloud Transformation

Our SMB IT support experts analyse what you currently pay for similar services, and effectively assess what Cloud-based services would best offer you. Let us show you how you can benefit from financial savings and an increase in smooth operations and performance in your small business or large company.

Our expertise in cloud computing, SMB components and managed IT services for Melbourne helps improve the technology integrated into both a small business and medium-sized business. Cloud services allow companies to focus on core business concerns without the purchase of new hardware and software for dedicated purposes.

Cloud computing is in high demand because it allows companies to scale with ease. You pay as you go – whether it be compute processing, storage or other Cloud services. This brings a high level of automation to save companies both time and money.

Business Transformation

We shift your entire business (small or large) to Cloud services by managing the transformation with minimal disruption to your people or operations. Through our business IT support and managed IT services, all of your individual requirements will be catered for, including existing applications that are in use. We also scope and prioritise the applications that optimise your business, allowing you to gain improved performance. Our IT support services include:

  • Design and implementation of a phased technical transition;
  • Advice on the tactical benefits of using the Cloud, as it relates specifically to your business;
  • Servicing your IT systems without interruption to your business.

Network Redesign

An efficient network can save you many dollars in productivity and increase communications performance. We recommend that a small and large businesses opt for a network redesign, as it is an essential part of the process of moving to the Cloud.

Determining the optimal network design involves both quantitative data as well as non-quantitative considerations. Our managed SMB IT support experts test the effectiveness and stability of applications in use by your company, to make sure your LAN and your WAN are fully optimised to the performance that you need quantitatively.

The focus of our managed IT consulting is to save you money on an ongoing basis – a network redesign can do this most effectively, compared to faster servers.

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Push your business into the cloud and refocus on your core competencies.

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